Tanami™ 7107

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  • Remote-Friendly Doors
  • Hidden Wheels
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Rear Access Panels
  • Flow-Through Ventilation
  • Cable Management
  • TV Safety Strap


  • Hardwood Veneer
  • Satin-Nickel Plated Steel
  • Glass Doors


19H x 69W x 21.25D in
48H x 175W x 54D cm


Performance Features

Engineered from the inside out. Domicile media furniture is designed to integrate technology into the way that we live. Innovative performance and convenience features abound, simplifying your initial gear set-up as well as future updates, all while maximizing your enjoyment and protecting your investment over the life of your system.


Remote Control Access

Signals from an infrared (IR) remote control pass through the same doors that keep components neatly concealed and out of sight.

Rounded panels and curved glass doors create a sexy profile while providing extra depth for oversized electronics.

Ola partners particularly well with a curved TV.

Hidden Wheels

Concealed wheels in the legs make the cabinet easy to move—and cables easy to access. Lower the levelers to raise the cabinet off its wheels to secure it in place.

Available in two finishes—Chocolate Stained Walnut & Smooth Satin White.

Flow-Through Ventilation

Ventilation slots in the bottom panels, back panels, and shelves promote airflow, ensuring that your components stay cool and protected,