8051 Superior Swivel Recliner

Danish designer Hjort Knudsen offers this excellent quality swivel recliner in three sizes, small, medium and large. Nicknamed the Superior, it is also offered with electric motors for footrest, back and neck rest, or you may have the adjustable footrest, back and neck controls in manual mode for less. Soon this recliner will be available as a lift chair as well, medium size only, only in Navy colored leather (316). We will be showing small and medium sizes as floor models around May 5. They are stocked on the East coast in four colors of leather, delivered to our store in around 2 weeks when in stock. Additional leathers, cloth covers, and options for other style bases are available for 16 week custom orders.

Hjort Knudsen Recliner 8051:
SMALL: 32.5″ W x 36-1/4″ D x 39-3/4″ H
seat depth 19-1/4” – seat height 17-1/4”
MEDIUM: 32.5″ W x 36-1/4″ D x 41-3/4″ H
seat depth 19-1/4” – seat height 18-1/8”
LARGE: 32.5″ W x 36-1/4″ D x 42-1/2″ H
seat depth 19-1/4” – seat height 19”


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